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What Does YOUR Momlife Uniform Look Like?

Every mom gets to choose the uniform she wears in her momlife. Will the world's fashion sense dictate yours?


If you were at MomLife BOOTCAMP this past Spring, I know you remember the message Barbara Rainey shared with us about making time to grow closer to God. To truly connect with God in such a way that we would be transformed … so that out of the well of love and truth God creates in us we would be equipped to shower everything in us on our children and families.

I remember all of that too and I left BootCamp last Spring with a renewed passion for our God, for serving my family, and a new commitment to my role as my children’s first theology teacher. But do you know what else I remember? Well, I remember lots of things actually … but I especially remember Barbara Rainey’s red boots.

I remember leaving bootcamp thinking I wish I had the guts to wear red boots. I wish I could be bold and passionate about what God has called me to do and not afraid or shy of all that I am called to be or so fearful that I would make mistakes in all of my life but especially in my momlife.

You’ve heard the saying that ‘moms wear many hats.’ And that is definitely true. As mothers we have a lot of roles to play and a lot of things we are responsible for accomplishing on a daily basis. But all too often we accept the hats that our culture has decided we should wear. And all too often we just accept those hats without stopping to think whether that hat was designed specifically for us or if we’re really just allowing the world to choose our uniform.

I don’t want to be timid about my momlife anymore. I want to be intentional and bold. I want to fight for my family and throw away the uniform the world says I should wear … the one with all the hats that don’t really fit me very well. I’m really more of a boot kind of girl anyway.

I hope you’ll come to MomLife Bootcamp April 12-14 , 2013. We can’t wait to meet you, laugh and play together, learn from each other, and share how we can exchange the world’s uniforms for the ones God has designed specifically for us!  I’ll be the one rocking the purple boots you see in the picture!


Are you a boot girl too?

At MomLife Boot Camp we are bold about who God is and who He has made us to be as moms, and this year we want our boldness to be revealed in our boots! We are challenging you…no, we are daring you to come with your boots and a spunky attitude, ready to learn how to fight for your family!  

MomLife BootCamp Memories

What have moms said about MomLife BootCamp?

“I have had such a wonderful weekend experience! I wish every mother could attend a weekend like this. I feel refreshed, good about myself, 🙂 and saw with my own eyes that all moms have the struggles I do and some even more than myself. Thank You!!” ~Becky


“This was the best experience I’ve had in years. I laughed harder and more than I have in a long time. I felt the presence of God and refreshed in my spirit. Thank you for MomLife Bootcamp – Please continue it each year! I’ll be here! :)” ~Dana


“Loved how much I was filled with God’s word and great food for such a reasonable price. Thank you for offering MomLife Bootcamp at PineCove”


“This has been an amazing awesome weekend. I have been so immensely blessed. The staff here have been wonderful. God has moved in my heart & my life while I’ve been here. Thank you for making this an affordable refreshing time. I can’t wait to go home and be a better mom. I also can’t wait until the next bootcamp” ~Lindsey


“All 7 people in my cabin didn’t know each other and it was perfect! Coming without a friend forced us to make “new” friends so I would encourage other moms to do it – come see this awesome place & meet new people!” ~Desiree


“This absolutely has to be an annual event. This is a great opportunity for moms to not only be filled by the wonderful speakers, but to pour into each other and encourage each other. This experience meant more to me than I could ever explain in words, especially in 5 lines! This was great!!!!! :)” ~Lori

The First Ever MomLife Bootcamp Recap

One week ago today we were getting ready to welcome you all to The Shores at Pine Cove. Our behind the scenes team of amazing ladies were decorating your rooms and putting the finishing touches we hoped would make you feel loved and welcomed.

We spent many many hours getting ready for our very first event. But in all of our preparation we had no idea of what God would do in all of our hearts, the friendships he would knit closer, and the women He would seek more intimate relationships with.


Yolanda and our very talented worship team prepared the music but we didn’t know how deeply it would minister to some of you.


Together we laughed, played, worshiped, and gained some wisdom into who God is calling each of us to be for Him, for others, and for ourselves. And we enjoyed it all in His beautiful creation!


We are so blessed that you were a part of this very first MomLife Bootcamp. You helped us create something brand new and for that we are extremely thankful! {And if you didn’t join us this year… there WILL be a next year in April! – more info to come}

Before I left Sunday afternoon I was talking to one of our team who came to Pine Cove last Fall to prepare for our weekend together. She told me how concerned she had been because the lake was SO very low. Last Summer was very dry in Texas and many of our lakes were thirsty. Two days before MomLife Bootcamp was to begin it rained… and rained… and rained in Tyler, TX and filled up the lake just in time. We both paused and reflected on what a perfect analogy that is to what God did with each of us this past weekend. We came to MomLife Bootcamp dry and thirsty as moms needing to be filled up again… God kept His promise and filled us up so we can go home and “Pour the Water.”

We’d love to hear your stories and memories from the weekend too. Please feel free to leave a comment here, connect with us on Facebook, or link your own blog post below. And don’t forget to sign up for our MomLife Today newsletter… there will be some surprises in the months to come just for you and you’ll be the first to know what we’re planning for you next year!

P.S. Be looking for an email from Pine Cove with links to the audio sessions and pictures. And make sure to join our MomLife Bootcamp 2012 Flickr group and share your pictures with us… I’ll be posting there too!

MomLife Bootcamp or Bust!

The year is flying past me while I sit in carpool lines and wade through piles of markers and laundry. I can’t believe March is almost upon us.

I’m so excited for MomLife Bootcamp. Not only will we be able to connect face-to-face, but I am privileged to share some of the things God has been teaching me.

And what is that, you ask?

Thanks for asking! Here is what I will be talking about:

The ImPerfect mom: Finding rest in your imperfections. (Note, it is not the “I’m Perfect Mom.” That was my previous perception of what motherhood would be like for me… Sad, isn’t it? 🙁 )

Since my journey to motherhood started 10 years ago, I have come face-to-face with the depth of my imperfections. Along with that, I have become more aware of how my perfectionistic tendencies make life miserable for everyone, including myself. Yes, messes bother me. Burning dinner bothers me. Not knowing answers bothers me. Having no idea how to deal with different parenting issues makes me crazy and scared. Lacking physical stamina is a burden. I feel incompetent most of the time. The task of motherhood is often beyond me. I make tons of mistakes. However, through God’s grace, I have learned that where I am weakest and most unsure, He is strong. When I don’t know what to do, He is there to guide the way. As a mom of a special needs child, cancer survivor, lack-of-sleep-for-many-years survivor, and riches to rags lifestyle choice, I want to help you see your own life as a “the glass is half full” kind of mom!

I can’t wait to see you all there!


NEWSFLASH… last week a group of us moms made a road trip to Pine Cove and it was amazing!

The general consensus of the four of us was that MomLife Boot Camp has already had one official gathering.  As the four of us walked around The Shores at Pine Cove and through each of the rooms we will be gathering in we were filled with overwhelming anticipation of what God has in store for each of us!

We saw the soon to be screamed upon zip lines, eye balled a field full of beautiful horses and got introduced to a pickle ball court! It’s sort of a combination of tennis and ping pong – GREAT fun for everyone!

The cabins are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e and quaint…all that was missing were your comfy cozy bed sheets and your goodies on the bed shelves.  We felt like we were sort of back in college! The bathrooms have three sinks and multiple toilets and showers – we could just picture moms gathered at those sinks primping, laughing and sharing their lives…and hair dryers!  Ahem, we actually ended up experiencing that as we stayed the night!

In the evening we gathered on the dock as a crisp cool breeze carried our prayers up to the Father.  We did stay up a bit late because what started as a planning session grew into a time of sharing our lives from the heart – a preview of what’s to come in cabin after cabin! Sa-weet! For the record…I ended up in a top bunk and it was actually very comfortable and FUN!

In the morning it was cloudy, overcast and raining but we still gathered at the lake and began to pray…as we were praying the sun burst through the clouds and we felt the warmth of the son as we prayed for YOU!

Four months and counting…

What is MOMLIFE BOOTCAMP {and why you need to go}

MomLife is awesome, but it does not come without its challenges.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some practical help and advice on how to survive your daily momlife?

Wouldn’t it be great to spend a day, or two, or more to just hang out with other moms and learn from each other?

Wouldn’t it be great to gather with other moms and just have fun…for the sake of having fun?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

There are boot camps for just about everything, but what all moms need is a boot camp that will help them in their most important role of motherhood.

The moms at MomLife Today share their lives with other moms daily through blog posts but we felt it was time to begin carving out relational time with other moms.  It was our desire to provide an opportunity for you to pull away from your momlife and refresh yourself in a beautiful location enjoying God’s creation.  We also wanted to find just the right people to partner with…and we did in Pine Cove.  For over 40 years Pine Cove has made a difference in the lives of countless youth and families through providing the very best camp experience ever.

You will learn much, be loved lots and have some serious fun alongside other moms of all ages!  Come alone and God will provide you with just the right roommates.  Or make plans to attend with a group and you can bunk together in the same room, or the same cabin – slumber party style!

Think summer camp, with the addition of wisdom and an entire weekend designed to help you connect with God more deeply and other moms more fully.  You will also get to join in on some silly crazy fun and remember the girl you once were – or laugh at those moms who are doing just that!

Truly…it will be a weekend like no other…and hopefully the first of many MomLife Today will be providing to you and the other moms in your life who God wants you to build relationship with.

If you have been longing for personal refreshment, MomLife Boot Camp will provide just that!  We can’t wait to hug your neck…and make memories with you!